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  5. "Fan hyn bydda i yn aros."

"Fan hyn bydda i yn aros."

Translation:I will wait here.

October 10, 2016



Where does "fan hyn" come from? What is the difference with 'yma'?


fan hyn is used when we want to refer to a particular spot. It is often used in a more emphatic way than 'yma' - 'right here' (where I am indicating), or 'here' (not over there).

There are several related expressions for here, there, over there, etc, but this one is a common one.

(fan comes from man (place or spot) and hyn is 'this', so the mutated fan hyn - 'on this spot' which is usually phrased in English as 'here' or 'just here'. The mutation is because of its use as an adverb of place.)

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