"One year and a half"

Translation:Un an et demi

February 8, 2013

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What's the difference between "an" and "année"? how can a year be both masculine and feminine?


Merci pour les informations!


I wrote un an et un demi and got it wrong for the second un.


I entered "Un an et demi", and it returned as correct "Un an et demie", and now I see at the top of this comment the answer "Une année et demie". Why am I wrong in my first guess? "Un an" isn't masculine and thus shouldn't agree with "demi" instead of "demie"?


The rule is that "demi" works with masculine words : "un an et demi" ; and "demie" with feminine words: "une année et demie".

So there is a mistake in the program if you saw "un an et demie"


Merci pour cette règle! Je me souviens en réfléchir, mais je n'suis pas arrivée de faire une recherche.


If you allow me: "Je me souviens d'y avoir réfléchi, mais je ne suis pas arrivée à faire une recherche".

As complements to that rule:

"demi" means half, ie, "deux ans et demi" or "deux années et demie" mean two years and one half year, so no plural.

When "demi" is in front of a noun, with a hyphen in the middle, it remains invariable:

  • une demi-heure
  • deux demi-litres

As to plural, one case only (re. 1/2, 2/2, 3/2...) : un demi, deux demis, trois demis


Merci beaucoup! J'apprecie toujours les corrections.

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