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  5. "Εκείνα τα παιδιά"

"Εκείνα τα παιδιά"

Translation:Those children

October 10, 2016


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why not "these children"?


These = αυτοί / Those = εκείνα


I have so much trouble to learn this/that, these/those and to get them into greek translation.

And another thing. I'm having trouble to log in on the web. Everytime someone response on my qusetion, I cant sign in and thank that person or continue ask if i didnt understand. Anyone else having that problem?

Thanks in advance!


Γεια σου! I feel your frustration try and keep it in your mind like this...

-αυτος/η/ο και αυτοι/ες/α means this and these, respectively

-εκεινος/η/ο και εκεινοι/ες/α means that and those, respectively


Thanks for your help !


Αυτ... as we know means this, these and so on. Εκείν... as we know means that, those and so on.

I can't think of a way to explain how I wrap my head around the concept, but I view αυτ... as something that includes the speaker, something that's close by. On the other hand, I view εκείν... as exclusive to the speaker, as I use that to point out something that's away from me.

I suppose εκείν... sounds like icky, and you kinda gesture to something icky without being close. I'm probably making no sense, but yea


the audio here seems to say εκεινο to me on the slow play back


No it says "εκείνα" not "εκείνο " at least in the normal speed. I can't hear the slow back :(

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