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  5. "Onnan jövünk, ahonnan ti."

"Onnan jövünk, ahonnan ti."

Translation:We are coming from the same place as you.

October 10, 2016



This is fine, up until "like you." Possible translations: 1) We're coming from the same place AS you. 2) We come from the same place you do. 3) We come from where you are from.


Can this mean in Hungarian that we think the same, or have similar views? We do have that as an idiomatic expression in English.


As you not like you.


They've fixed it. 9 October 2017.


-------- we are coming from there where you are . . .

Big 3 may 19


We come from where you come. Accepted it. 2020.01.15.


Shorter: We are coming from the same place like you. :-)

Or does FROM WHERE YOU ARE mean: the place where you were born? For me the meaning of the sentence is not clear.


Let's add the optional items to this sentence to make it clear.
It is very clear, in the Hungarian sentence, that a repeating verb was omitted. That is, the same verb would have been used but maybe with different suffixes. So, the verb in the first clause is "jövünk". Therefore, the second clause implies the same verb:

"Onnan jövünk, ahonnan ti (jöttök)."

And my English translation would be:

"We are coming from where you are (coming from.)"

That is, you (all) and we are all coming from the same place.


Wir kommen daher, woher ihr kommt.


Exactly! Hungarian is so easy, isn't it? :)


YES, if you learn it from German. But from English it is horrible.


So both English and Hungarian do the same thing, omitting a repeated verb when it's understood.


Yes. And Hungarian may do it more freely. I am not sure. Or at least English may place a "do"/"are"/etc. in place of the omitted verb while Hungarian will normally completely omit the verb.


It's not defined. The sentence can refer to your homeland or just to a simple location from where you're coming from, for instance from the shop.


OK, thank you, that is, what I understand from the hungarian sentence and from MY translation too: We are coming from the same place like you. :-) We might have been at the same place, or may be born in the same town a.s.o. But the English duo translation makes my brain rotating and then I don't understand anything anymore.


We came from the same place where you live.


? Now my confusion is perfekt!


it's your shorter answer "We are coming from the same place like you."


:-)) Maybe I got a severe damage today from learning, because I still don't understand.


No. From where you're from.


Where you are coming from, actually. In Hungarian, this phrase usually does NOT mean the place you live or were born at, simply just a location you happen to be coming from.


Clearly the people making this course have poor knowledge of the English language.


Never seen "the same place LIKE you in my life!

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