"Ott ebédelünk, ahonnan a villamos visszajön."

Translation:We have lunch there, from where the tram comes back.

October 10, 2016

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Did ever anybody use these sentences in any language before and will I ever have a chance to use them, except here? I'm on the straight way of getting mad. They torture my brain cells and I'm about to tear out the last of my hair. I get the notice now, to stop with the clutter, but I still have to send it.


Though the Hungarian sentence is grammatically correct it really does smell of sweat. If Duo makes you angry then I suggest you to try something else. I'm learning German from novels. There's a dictionary function on my e-book reader so when I don't understand a word I don't have to use the paper/online dictionary. If you like reading maybe you should try your favourite German novel's Hun translation. I'm reading mostly books for children like the Harry Potter series, or Michael Ende's Die Unendliche Geschichte or Momo. They have easily understandable text, and I've already read them in Hungarian, so they weren't new. I guess the point is to read books you love. You can find a lot of free Hun. ebooks on this site: http://mek.oszk.hu/

Of course there're only old novels on this official site, which are not under copyright anymore. If you make a list of novels you're interested in, I can search for them and send them to you via email, if I find any.


Thank you very much Imorth :-) That's a great idea :-) I feel like giving you some lingots at least, for your help.


You're welcome. In my last sentence I meant, if you don't find the novels you like on the previoulsy linked site, (because they're newer) then I can look for them on the sites I download books from. It's just a few clicks for me.

It's important to begin with something really easy, I remember I wanted to read Das Glasperlenspiel from Hesse in german and well... It was very, very hard, I had to use the dictionary all the time and even then I had to read some sentences 3 or 4 times to fully grasp their meaing. In the end I've put it to rest after a few pages. :) So don't start with its Hungarian version, because it will just take your enthusiasm away. But I can tell you from experience that reading novels is the best way to improve your vocabulary and it's also fun.


It would be really great :-), if you could help me further. The Glasperlenspiel is a wonderful book, like all books of Hesse. But I would not even try to read it in french, italian or hungarian. Rather the books from Khalil Gibran. I already looked at the link, but did not yet find something fitting. The good thing is, that I like reading much more than television. The problem for me is not to download something, but to find it. The very best for me to go on, would be old fairy tales (Grimms, Andersens or Hungarians), for I like them very much. I can already read hungarian cooking recipes, gardening and books for little children quite well. Are there any books free for download, which have both languages together? German/Hungarian or English/Hungarian? The easiest for me is definitely German/Hungarian, but it is o.k. with English too. How can we do it with the email Adress, if it is needed? I don't want to post it here for everybody. If you need any help with German, I can help you too :-)


I'll post my general purpose e-mail address in the next post. if you send a mail to it, i'll answer from my normal address. It's a bit complicated, but I neither want to post personal address to this open forum.

Gibran has some books on MEK, but they don't seem to be that easy: http://mek.oszk.hu/00200/00213/index.phtml http://mek.oszk.hu/00700/00751/index.phtml

I can send you Andersen and Grimm ebooks in Hungarian. I like them too. I don't know any Hungarian authors who wrote like them, but we have Géza Csáth. Who didn't write tailes for children, but for adults, they're fascinating. They have a rather moody atmosphere. Here are some short stories from "Tales which end unhappy."



Two years later I read this comment and I am very happy I did it Thanks I)morth you gave us a very practical idea/original German manner/


This sentence in English does not make sense. no one says we eat there where...


After some hard time, it is possible to grasp the meaning from duo. But i'm sure, nobody would use this sentence for normal speaking.it sounds more like a brain torture. But unluckily it is still there. But what do You mean with: No one days.......? There are no days in the duo sentences.


the s<->d keyboard error is so common, I am guessing he meant to say, "no one says we eat there where..."


It's not English. It's Duonglish.


I am looking for an ebook version of hungarian-english dictionary, which can be used on Kindle and Android phones. Does anyone have it?


MY guess is that there is no tense involved here... "Ott ebédelünk" so why on earth is "We eat lunch there" correct but "We are eating lunch there" incorrect?


This is an incomprehensible sentence. Please formulate meaningfully. In psychiatric terminology, we might call this “word salad”.


Please don't do that one the tram comes back the other onece the tram is coming back.At least is is very unfair.


I don't know why anyone would refer to a place in this context.


My translation, which was not accepted - for no reason at all, I think: We have lunch there, from where the tram is coming back.

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