"I eat a sandwich, and my sister does not eat a sandwich."

Translation:Я їм бутерброд, а моя сестра не їсть бутерброд.

October 10, 2016



Why is "I eat a sandwich, and my sister does not eat a sandwich" translated without "i" as an acceptable answer as opposed to "a" do they both not mean "and"? In what way are "i" and "a" different?

October 10, 2016



Here's what you're looking for (in article above):


This also caused a lot of confusion. You just got used to a thought that there are 3 conjunctions that you can interchange and than Whoa! There's even another one. And this time you can't just interchange them freely.

і implies similarity. а is used for contrast, to compare two things. Something like English while, but lighter. There's a fancy term juxtaposition for this Here's a fancy scheme for ye:

  • A is an X, not an Y: Він письменник, а не директор.
  • A does X, not Y : Вона готує, а не спить.
  • A is an X, and B is an Y : Вікторія — викладач, а я ні.
  • A does/can do X, and B does/can do Y : Вона спить, а він читає.
October 10, 2016


Thanks for the information!

October 12, 2016


So sandwiches in Ukraine are just bread and butter? Or is that just what you want the Germans to think?

August 22, 2017
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