"Mi keressük az orvost."

Translation:We are looking for the doctor.

October 10, 2016

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why is it wrong to say 'we look for the doctor'? It means the same thing!


It is correct and should be accepted. Please report it.


If as I remember the old answer was "search for" it seems that option has now been replaced with "look for" As they fix one problem they then cause another.


I think it is an English grammar issue rather than a Hungarian... :)


Why keressük and not keresünk?


Definite conjugation: én keresem, te keresed, ő keresi, mi keressük, ti keresitek, ők keresik

Infefinite conjugation: én keresek, te keresel, ő keres, mi keresünk, ti kerestek, ők keresnek

We use the definite conjugation when the direct object is definite, here: az orvost / the doctor


Is there going to be indefinite/definite difference in all other tenses as well? @___@ Lots of conjugations to remember....


He looked for an apple - Ő keresett egy almát
He looked for the apple - Ő kereste az almát
He will look for an apple - Ő keresni fog egy almát
He will look for the apple - Ő keresni fogja az almát
So, yes, but there are not that many variations and it follows patterns, so just have to get used to it.

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