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Suggestion - Set "keep the tree gold" as an assignment, monitor whether the tree is gold, etc

There have been a few requests recently for help with problems with XP assignments, where students are repeating easy lessons to achieve the XP target they'd been set. XP assignments are problematic for exactly that reason - they don't specify where the XP should come from. Endlessly reapeating Basics 1 can provide the XP required.

Duolingo works best when it's used as it was meant to be - keeping the tree gold as we continue to learn. There's no way for teachers to monitor that, though. The Schools interface needs a way for teachers to monitor whether their students' trees are gold, and how long they've been gold for - a gold streak, so to speak. The system also needs teachers to be able to set golding the tree as an assignment.

...and if XP assignments are to be made useful, then it needs to be possible to see which skills have been used to achieve the XP, and there needs to be a mechanism to prevent simple repetition of basic skills to achieve assignments. I can't see a way of doing that without it getting quite convoluted, though.

October 10, 2016



Absolutely! I love your suggestions. I have wanted to see which lessons my students have gilded and which ones are not for a long time. I wish that on the "Course Progress" page that the checkmark circles would be gold if the exercise is gilded. Then if they are not gilded, they could be the green checkmark circles. I teach Spanish on distance learning and it is difficult to be able to see if the exercises are actually gilded. Thank you for expressing this suggestion!


One solution that works for me (since I see my kids) is to regularly make a day where they have to bring me their phones logged in and show me their gold tree.


I agree! Maybe xp shouldn't count if the icon is already gold.


Yeah, It should have that.

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