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  5. "Who is a soldier?"

"Who is a soldier?"

Translation:Ki katona?

October 10, 2016



Could I say "Ki van egy katona?"


Nope! The 'is' is implied, so by adding 'van', it's like adding an extra 'is' that's already there, and makes the sentence meaningless


better Ki a katona


That is a different sentence.

Who is a soldier? - Ki katona?
Who is the soldier? - Ki a katona?


Acceptable but in this case, it sounds inferior to "Ki katona?" You aren't a newly introduced instance of soldiers, nor is it important that you are one by amount. Your qualities matter.


This is such an oddly worded sentence. You have to realize that the speaker is asking "which ones are soldiers" among a bunch of people who may or may not be soldiers.

Without the visual of a bunch of other people, I couldn't figure out what this sentence was saying (in either language). I literally read all the comments looking for hints. Am I thr only one who didnt "get" it?

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