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Display problems on smaller monitors in new design.

Hi, since the change to the new UI (which I otherwise like well enough) the site fits very poorly on my screen, and there are also some graphical glitches. I'm using Windows XP Pro, and Firefox, 1024x768 resolution.

In all areas of the site, both vertical and horizontal scrollbars are added, which is fine in Discussions or on the Home page, but for lessons or practice, this cuts off the bottom of the screen, which also makes some of the offered 'alternate answers' near the bottom, very hard to see.

Alt text

As for the graphical glitches, I don't really care about those, as unlike the poor fit on smaller monitors they are merely cosmetic and do not affect usability, but I thought staff might like to know about them anyway. One error is that on the progress chart the final gold line is often missing. Another is the 'points today' marker, which is clearly in the wrong place.

Alt text

I would greatly appreciate it, if someone on staff would clarify whether they are already aware of the display problems for those of us using smaller resolutions, and whether they are working to fix it. Thanks.

February 13, 2014



Appreciate the detailed report! This will be fixed :)


Thanks for answering, happy to hear it's being worked on. :)

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