"Is blood red?"

Translation:Piros a vér?

October 11, 2016

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Wouldn't vörös a vér? make more sense? vörös is a darker shade of red than piros, right?


I guess both work just fine. "Vörös" is not necessarily darker, it is just used in different contexts. It is a usage thing, some things are called "vörös", other things are called "piros". "Vörös" has more "emotion" to it. It is more "alive". "Piros" is just a color. Blood can be "vörös", definitely. But, interestingly, the national colors are "piros, fehér, zöld". NEVER "vörös". "Vörös", in national colors, has some bad connotation.


see, i knew the emotional subtext of voros, and I expected voros to be in the flag colors because of that.


Yes, but the communist red flag is "vörös", never use that for the Hungarian national colors.

One more interesting fact:
"Vörösbor" (red wine) is made from "piros szőlő" (red grapes).


Very interesting! Thank you! BTW, "vörös" is accepted instead of "piros."


This is a question, not a statement. So the question makes perfect sense. But the answer is, 'No, blood is not piros but vörös.'

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