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  5. "Mit csináltál ott?"

"Mit csináltál ott?"

Translation:What did you do there?

October 11, 2016



What brings in the idea of past tense here? Is it the -tál suffix?


Yes, the -t- thing is the marker of the past tense conjugation. It's a bit more complicated all in all, but I can give you the conjugation of csinál in the past tense:

  • indef: csináltam, csináltál, csinált, csináltunk, csináltatok, csináltak, csináltalak
  • def: csináltam, csináltad, csinálta, csináltuk, csináltátok, csinálták


When did we learn this?


This is the "Time" lesson, no? :´)
It's horribly misplaced in my opinion. You will have learnt the past tense further down the tree in the "Past tense" lesson.


Csináltalak means I am yor fater.


The term csinálni can mean both "to do" and "to make". I entered "what did you make there?" which should also be accepted. If my understanding is incorrect, would someone please explain?


I would say "to make" is the secondary meaning. It has to be in context. Without context, this sentence implies the "to do" meaning. But, arguably, the "make" version could also be accepted.


A helpful explanation. Thank you!

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