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  5. "A térképen nincs szobor."

"A térképen nincs szobor."

Translation:There is no statue on the map.

October 11, 2016



Szobor is like sobor (cathedral) in East Slavic languages.


Wow! This makes me wonder this person really means "legend", or something similar to a legend, perhaps a key, or symbols.


Imagine a tourist map of Budapest that shows different landmarks and sights to see.


Many thanks for all your comments. They are very helpful and inspiring. When I tried to complete the sentence, I found out that the Statue of Liberty is not only in New York, but also in Budapest on the Gellért Hill. Somebody makes for us a nice puzzle. "There is no landmark of Statue of Liberty on the tourist map of Budapest." "A Budapesti turistatérképen nincs Szabadság-szobor tájékoztató jelzése."


Èn ezt igy forditanàm: "Ott nincs szobor a tèrkèpen"


There is no=nincs. Nincs ott = there is no there.


OK, so is this not a close direct translation: "there is not a statue on the map"? This would rarely be said in idiomatic English - though it is OK -but usually to emphasise (with weighting on "statue") that there is a not a single statue on the map; which to say, "there are no statues on the map". I have suggested this as a valid translation.

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