"A térképen nincs szobor."

Translation:There is no statue on the map.

October 11, 2016

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Szobor is like sobor (cathedral) in East Slavic languages.


OK, so is this not a close direct translation: "there is not a statue on the map"? This would rarely be said in idiomatic English - though it is OK -but usually to emphasise (with weighting on "statue") that there is a not a single statue on the map; which to say, "there are no statues on the map". I have suggested this as a valid translation.


Wow! This makes me wonder this person really means "legend", or something similar to a legend, perhaps a key, or symbols.


Imagine a tourist map of Budapest that shows different landmarks and sights to see.


Many thanks for all your comments. They are very helpful and inspiring. When I tried to complete the sentence, I found out that the Statue of Liberty is not only in New York, but also in Budapest on the Gellért Hill. Somebody makes for us a nice puzzle. "There is no landmark of Statue of Liberty on the tourist map of Budapest." "A Budapesti turistatérképen nincs Szabadság-szobor tájékoztató jelzése."


Èn ezt igy forditanàm: "Ott nincs szobor a tèrkèpen"


There is no=nincs. Nincs ott = there is no there.

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