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"Die Kenntnis"

Translation:The knowledge

February 8, 2013



I think "die Kenntnis" means knowledge more than skills, just like I thought "Kenntnisse" did.


Yes, I agree. Although there is some semantic overlap, skills are more about practical, hands on kind of knowledge while "Kenntnisse" are more theoretical in nature. "Fertigkeiten, Fähigkeiten, Geschick" are better fits for 'skills'. I can have a lot of Kenntnisse about singing without getting a single note right in a performance. You probably wouldn't call me a skilled singer then... I have no issue with translating 'language skills' to "Sprachkenntnisse", though. As I said, there surely is some semantic overlap.




Just in case you're curious Duolingo uses "Fähigkeiten" for its German skill trees.


Kenntnis Everdeen, the new star of "Hunger Games"


Good question. "Die Kenntnis" = "skills". That's just how it is being used. Sorry, wish I had a better explanation.


It just accepted "the skill". Is this a mistake that needs to be fixed then?


Julika, the skills is not accepted, I tried before. I am going to report it then.


Than what is "Wissen"


"Sie wissen"= you (formal)/they know, "wir wissen "= we know.


He is asking about the noun Das Wissen.

It would be nice of someone to explain the difference between Die Kenntnis and das Wissen.



A native speaker told me that Wissen is more knowledge in the way of facts, but Kenntnis is your own conclusion on something. He mention something about an encyclopaedia called 'The great book of knowledge', and that he would always translate knowledge there as Wissen. He emphasised, though, that it was a very subtle difference.


Thank you! Your explanation helps!

As "science" is die Wissenschaft, this is how I will remember it as factual knowledge. And die Kenntnis more like personal or practical knowledge or understanding.

Maybe a little practice will make it easier to make the distinction as you say it is subtle. :)


So Wissen is book smarts and Kenntnis is experience based knowledge? I almost typed street smarts, but that doesn't feel like it's right exactly.


If "die Kenntnisse" is "the skills," then why can't "die Kenntnis" simply be "the skill"? Why is Duolingo saying I am wrong?


I get it, "know-ness".


Have learned "DAS Verständnis" awhile back, I was surprised that it is "DIE Kenntnis." I was hoping all "-nis" endings were the same gender. Any rule to be derived on nouns ending in "nis"?


Any rule to be derived on nouns ending in "nis"?

I don't know -- I fear it may be down to memorising which nouns take which gender.

Another ambiguous ending is -tum: der Reichtum but das Eigentum, for example.


On the previous phrase, ‘knowledge’ was not accepted. I agree there is more than one meaning for a word, but the word is not in context so any of the meanings should be accepted.


Duolingo needs to do a better job of explaining the difference between Kenntnis, Kenntnisse, and Wissen. The trial and error method is not very effective because when I translate Kenntnis or Kentnisse as skill or skills, it is counted as incorrect and I am told that the correct translation is knowledge, but if I translate either as knowledge, it is counted as incorrect and I am told that the correct translation is skill or skills. How am I supposed to know in any particular situation which translation is correct?

[deactivated user]

    So what would be the plural of kenntnis? "The skills" is not an acceptable translation, apparently.


    Plural would be die Kenntnisse.


    sounds like the name "Katniss"


    Also = understanding. Reported


    This is what I wrote also, can a native speaker confirm its validity?


    I don't think "understanding" is a good translation of Kenntnis.

    The main use, I think, is Kenntnis haben von etwas "to know about something" i.e. to have information about something that has occurred, to be aware of something, and similarly mit/ohne die Kenntnis von X "with(out) X's knowledge".


    I'm more used with 'Fähigkeit' than with 'Kenntnis' when translating the word 'skill'


    What is the difference between Wessen and Kenntnis?


    Would "The knowing" be a possible translation?


    Why not we say awareness.

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