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  5. "On jest przed lustrem."

"On jest przed lustrem."

Translation:He is in front of the mirror.

October 11, 2016



Strange that it takes instrumental instead of the locative, is there are a reason for this?


Well, "Bo tak" (I mean don't know why exactly, this phrase is given as an answer without giving real explanation, there also exist phrase "bo nie", similar but used to "explain" rejection, negation and such ). Also as a native speaker I can tell you that przed lustrze or rather przedlustrze could be a name for a thing, what exactly I don't know. But similar constructs exists like: ramię : arm, przedramię : forearm

Instrumental is after:

  • między between, among
  • poza on the other side of, besides
  • nad over, above; with bodies of water: at
  • przed before, in front of; ago
  • pod beneath, under; with towns: near
  • z together with
  • pomiędzy amidst
  • za beyond, beyond, after, in favour of

Locative is after:

  • na on, on top of, at
  • przy during, at, near
  • o about (concerning), at (a time)
  • w in, at
  • po after, along, all over


Wow thank you very much for all the prepositions and their cases. very informative answer! Have a lingot!


Is it possibly to use against in this phrase?


No, I don't believe it makes any sense here.

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