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"Melyik hörcsög van fekete kabátban és csíkos zokniban?"

Translation:Which hamster is in a black coat and striped socks?

October 11, 2016



I missed the "a" and the whole sentence was wrong. Isn't it a bit too severe?


yes. (April 24th 2018)


i personally think that hungarian is already tough enough and we don't need this kind of dodgy sentences. just my opinion.. (thanks for reading anyway)


--------- these kinds of dodgy sentences or this kind of dodgy sentence ? . . .


Cheers buddy ! you are the man !


Which hamster wears a black coat and striped socks? Was marked wrong! But I think, it is the only correct translation, because ONE hamster cannot be in the black coat and in striped sockS at the same time.


I wrote "Which hamster is wearing a black coat and striped socks?", so your answer must be correct too, just report it.


In English "socks" are plural - and a hamster would have 4 pieces of clothing which is a sock - sockS


Why are there so many long, weird sentences in the Hungarian course?

Long (and relatively normal) is okay, weird and short is okay but both long and weird and introducing new vocabulary all at the same time (with no slow recorded option!) just makes me not want to go on.

No other couse does all this. What is the thinking behind it?


So you cannot simply guess by context. You have to hear and understand every word.


I just reported this sentence three times in a row!!! This sentence is not only totally meaningless and ridiculous, but it only accepts one translation of the many that are possible. Even a completely literal translation - which hamster is in a black coat and in a striped sock - was wrong (socks only accepted in plural, as if one hamster can be in 2 socks at the same time). Also wrong was: which hamster is in a black coat and striped socks (the word In must be repeated, apparently). For the first time, I join the complaints about an idiotic sentence. What were they thinking?


I love the nonsense sentences. And I got plenty of kids books at home with dressed-up rodents. Angelina Ballerina for example

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