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  5. "Thiên thạch này đến từ đâu?"

"Thiên thạch này đến từ đâu?"

Translation:Where does this meteorite come from?

October 11, 2016



@qm1224 you should have explained that thiên thạch is a Sino-Vietnamese word from 天石: 天 means sky, heaven and 石 means stone; thus thiên thạch literally means stone from the sky and is translated as meteorite.

when people will come across noun phrases containing thiên or thạch, they might not know the exact translation but they will be able to guess the meaning as it has to do with sky or stone, or at least has an origin that comes from those words.

  • thiên hạ = 天 sky + 下 below = world
  • thiên đường = 天 heaven + 堂 house/building = paradise
  • thiên tài = 天 sky + 才 talent = genius

  • bảo thạch = 寶 precious + 石 stone = gemstone
  • cẩm thạch = 錦 bright/beautiful + 石 stone = marble
  • hoá thạch = 化 to change + 石 stone = fossil


This is quite interesting. I spend a lot of time comparing Vietnamese with Chinese since I speak Chinese quite fluently. Most of the loan words are fairly obvious but words like thạch escape me as to where it came from. Perhaps Cantonese 石="sek"


for me doing these astronomy lessons is a big waste of time. I am not even remotely interested but I want to get to the other lessons. I dread having to to the Paranormal lesson...grrrr

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