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Playback of recorded phrases not allowing me to continue.

I can listen too a phrase, record the phrase and play it back but I cannot click on check or continue and have to skip the question ( loosing a heart in the process )

Am I doing it wrong or is there a piece missing ?

June 16, 2012



Have the same problem. Doesnt work now


I've had the same issue. If I record it a few times it will say that it can't hear me or understand me. Sometimes it just says nothing and you can't click next. I've just turned off my microphone as I've found it somewhat annoying.


But now it worked. Maybe only sometimes.


I have this problem, too, but it seems that it says "I can't hear you" or "I can't understand you" when I'm simply not pronouncing the phrase the way it needs me to. I usually just listen to the example pronunciation again and mimic it exactly, which usually helps.

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