Pronunciation of "c" in Italian

Is there some rule how to pronounce letter "c" in various words? Because when I say for example "la cipolla", c is pronounced as hard "c" (like č in some languages I do not know how to name it), but there is "il biscotto" where "c" is pronounced as "k". And in some other words "c" is pronounced as "c".

I hope I am understandable. Thanks in advance

October 11, 2016


Yes, there are rules!

Ci, Ce => Ch (in English or Spanish)
Ca, Co, Cu => K
Chi, Che => K [the h is silent]
Cia, Cio, Ciu => Ch [the i is silent]

October 11, 2016

I always think of the word "chicken" to remind myself the Italian sounds are opposite.

Funny you say that because I know a few Italians who often mix the words chicken / kitchen.

DuoFaber posted the rules but thanks anyway ;)

you're welcome! :)

in the alphabet it is pronounced ''chee''.

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