"Le riz et le blé"

Translation:The rice and the wheat

February 8, 2013

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there is an option given for 'ble' as dough and when selected it was wrong. why??


weird... "le blé" is wheat, not dough, and dough is "la pâte"


I've never heard "blé" used when reffering to money either (another translation offered by Duo), but if you (mes amies en France) do use blé to mean money, then it could mean dough too. Dough, cash, greenbacks...all mean money in slang English.


Ah! I see now. I did not know about these nice slang words...

In French, a few more slang words for money: de l'oseille, des pépettes, du pognon, des sous, du flouze, de la braise, de la fraîche, des ronds, des radis, du pèze, des picaillons...


Wow. I've only heard one of those before. I wonder if that's due to my lack of exposure, or if they aren't used in my neck of the woods.


I realize I forgot to tell you about articles, so I am going to edit the above...

[deactivated user]

    Dough should be accepted


    No, it should not. "Blé" (wheat) is the basic cereal, like rice or rye. "Dough" is "la pâte" something that has been prepared with cereal flour + other ingredients like butter, eggs, etc... as a basis to make a pie, a pizza, a cake, biscuits, cookies, etc.


    Sounds like "le vie est le blé".

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