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How do I speak to an actual site manager?

I'm having issues with my account and my duo classroom merging. How do I actually speak to a real person in real time to solve the issue without deleting all my accounts?

October 11, 2016



How do I actually speak to a real person in real time

There is no such service on the free website that is Duolingo

If you describe precisely (with screenshots, can't hurt) your issue, you'll be very likely to have help either from other users or from a staff member.
Having a look to the Duo Schools support page can help too.
Having a look to the Duo support page can help too (for example for screenshots, if you don't know how to do that).
Looking at (and searching inside) the Educator forum may also have answer(s) to your issue.


We also keep an eye on the forum. As jrikhal says, if you are very specific in your post about the issues you are experiencing, we'll try our best to help you!


I can tell you admins watch the forums, I see your comments on every other discussion. XD


The XPs my students have earned using the new bots feature doesn't show up on my weekly report. Please help!


I can look into that, but it is possible that those do not count towards schools points in its current state. Reasons may include that it is a very new feature only launched in 3 languages for now and available on iPhones only, and those features could be "abused" by some students to accumulate XP. Is it possible for you to, for now, give them credit for finishing and unlocking the conversations? Hope it has not caused you too much trouble!


If you can let me know what you've found out that would be great!


OK: right now, we are not counting chatbot points, but I believe we will eventually count them toward the XP goal.

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