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  5. "Próbuję tutaj sprzątać."

"Próbuję tutaj sprzątać."

Translation:I am trying to clean here.

October 11, 2016



In Russian this verb means "to hide". And this is exactly how I tidy my room up then someone is going to come


Although to tidy up is one acceptable translation of sprzątać in another exercise, Duo currently rejects to tidy up in this one (an incubator omission?), though it should clearly be accepted here too.

I first learned sprzątać = to tidy up from a Polish native speaker, and my Polnisch - Deutsch Taschenwörterbuch (1981) doesn't even mention the alternative meaning to clean.


Sure, that's just an oversight. Added now.

Yeah, I guess it's even a better translation, it only means 'to clean' when the two are interchangeable.


So, why isn't "I'm trying to clean this place" accepted? It does kinda have a different meaning - that it is cleaning the whole space, and not just some part of "here" - but still I believe it's a suitable translation.

For the sake of the question, though, how would I strongly indicate in Polish that I'm actually cleaning "this place" completely and not just scrubbing away in the corner.


Completely... I guess that would simply use the perfective "sprzątnąć" or "posprzątać". And yes, I agree that "this place" seems to be a natural translation, added.


Thanks, although something does baffle me in your answer. Isn't "posprzątać" the perfective of "sprzątać" as has sort of been taught in the Perfective course, or is this one of those verbs of motion determinate/indeterminate dillemas?

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