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" heo một động vật thông minh thân thiện."

Translation:The dolphin is an intelligent and friendly animal.

October 11, 2016



Would you please decide whether you wanted "thong minh" to be translated as intelligent, smart or clever. When I put in clever it is wrong, in another sentence I put in intelligent and it was wrong (correct was clever)....


Dolphins are a smart and friendly animal.

This sentence has no classifier, so it's a general statement, right?


Do you not need "Những" before "Cá heo". Những to indicate plurality, so:

The dolphins are an intelligent and friendly animal.

Maybe, it dosen't sound as natural as The Dolphin is an.....


Dolphin is a smart and friendly animal. This was not accepted! Why??? Smart is not “thông minh”?


Why does Wiktionary say this means ‘dog’?

In case you’re wondering, it’s from Chinese 㺧, an archaic word meaning ‘a kind of dog which has light yellowish hair’, ‘a rabid dog’, or ‘the sound of a pack of barking dogs’:

  • Mandarin: xiāo
  • Cantonese: hīu
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