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  5. "Η εφημερίδα είναι δική μου."

"Η εφημερίδα είναι δική μου."

Translation:The newspaper is mine.

October 11, 2016



Hi, I am lost. Completely.

Is there some table with all the prnonouns, or explanation with the main prjcniples how to use them?

It seems it is just randomly introduced and we have to figure it out along the way? Help, am lost on th 0ronpus here..



Totally agree with this comment.


Read the tips on the possessive pronouns here https://www.duolingo.com/skill/el/Possessives/tips-and-notes. If you don't have access to the tips, I suggest you stop using the app and switch to the Duolingo desktop version. A quick online search will also return results such as this https://www.greekgrammar.eu/pdffiles/possessive.pdf


I don't understand the difference between using δικη μου and δικος μου. How can it be differentiated?


You use δικός, δική, δικό depending on the objects gender. They are used for masculine, feminine and neutral words respectively.

Η δική μου εφημερίδα - My (own) newspaper

Ο δικός μου σκύλος - My (own) dog

Το δικό μου βιβλίο - My (own) book


δική μου is reffering that a feminine object, is yours which probably says η blah blah blah ...είναι( be) δική μου and δικός μου is reffering to male objects like ο blah blah blah είναι δικός μου , δικό μου is for neutrals which goes with το i'm not talking further not to confuse you.


What I don't get about this is if 'μου' = me, then why do you need the whole 'δικη' thing?


Μου as a possessive means "my". Δική μου means "mine".


So ...''δική μου'' is for neutral gender ''δικό μου'' is for feminine gender ''δικός μου'' is for masculine gender for 1st person singular. The gender is also differente for the other singulars and the plurals?


I think you have misunderstood a little, Alida.

neuter is δικό

masculine is δικός

feminine is δική


Ooo... İ see.. beginner's fault...it's good that i ask.. thank you Philip.


I think "It's my newspaper" should also be accepted as a correct answer.


This would be (αυτή) είναι η εφημερίδα μου, which uses completely different syntax.


Η δικη μου εφημεριδα. Η εφημεριδα δικη μου. ?


No, δική μου goes before the noun.


The newspaper is mine. I gave the correct answer, including spelling and punctuation, but it still says 'wrong' and doesn't let me move on.


Maybe the keyboard is in Greek

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