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  5. "A mosca come pão."

"A mosca come pão."

Translation:The fly eats bread.

February 8, 2013



Pretty much all living things live on bread in Brazil


Does anyone know how to pronounce "come?"


I'm not a native speaker, but I believe these are the vowel sounds for come. The o is an open o, pronounced somewhere between aw and oh. The e is unaccented, so instead of eh, it is pronounced more like i in 'it' or even ee. You can look for text-to-speech apps or sites to check the pronunciation of words. I've seen some posted on other discussion threads.


Thanks so much! That helps a lot. I'll give you a like and a lingot. Obrigado!


You're welcome. I've had training in linguistics, so that helps. Enjoy your studies in Portuguese.


The pronunciation of "co" is the same "co" in coffe. Me is te similar to me in English!


The first spoken word sounds like ' ka ' and not ' a '

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