"If he is young, he is pretty."

Translation:S'il est jeune, il est joli.

February 8, 2013



This is typically frowned upon in most societies.

January 13, 2014


why not "c'est joli"? An earlier sentence advocated "c'est" as an acceptable alternative to "elle est" in a similar construction.

February 8, 2013


It's not an alternative, certain cases require you to use one or the other. Here is a short article on it: http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa032500.htm

February 8, 2013


Thanks, patlaf

February 8, 2013


I do not understand it. The statement is a general one, we talk about someone. They say in French they use "on" in this case. Why "si on est jeune on est beau" is wrong?

January 5, 2014


One usually says in English, she is pretty, he is handsome.

May 7, 2014


beau means beautiful; I think it should be removed because "he is beautiful" can basically be taken as "he is handsome" or "he is pretty"

July 22, 2014


Je ne comprends pas. Previously, in a different translation we stated that when referring to pretty blondes, blond had to be feminine, because we do not refer to men as pretty blonds, but here is an example where we do. Consistency?

April 28, 2014


unn.. I don't think a male would like to be called pretty!!!

August 22, 2014


Why is donc not acceptable "donc il est gros...."

July 12, 2014


Donc is so

Gros is big

Sometimes translate as it is

July 17, 2014


I got the french sentence to translate. And when i wrote if he is young he is handsome, it says wrong! Il here means it not he?!!

March 13, 2015
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