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Lesson 11/16 of Verbs:Present 3

When I answer with a verbal statement, the screen goes into a frozen mode and will not let me continue with the lesson. I have to start the lesson over again. This same problem has happened in other lessons, however the other lessons didn't persist as many times as it is in this lesson. Is this my computer problem or programs????? help please.

June 16, 2012



Lastrtelusnet... it's not just you. I finally just turned off the option for the verbal answers (where I have to speak) so I can do my lessons today. There is an option under each sentence to repeat where you can do that. Just don't forget to turn it back on later. I thought it was Adobe Flash in my Chrome browser, but it would work here for one or two times, then stop and not let me continue (or recognize that I'd said the sentence and mark it as correct) so I'm assuming that it has to be a glitch with Duolingo). I hope someone tells Duolingo staff. (?) I know that they have been doing site upgrades, so probably a temporary glitch. Espero!!


This should be fixed now. Is it still a problem?


Works great now Luis! Mil gracias.


Luis, is there a problem again (today) or is it just me? LOL


Ah, never mind... LOL It's working now.


Bumping this, as it is happening to me tonight (and in the middle of a timed round, at that).

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