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  5. "Ce sont mes grands amis."

"Ce sont mes grands amis."

Translation:They are my great friends.

February 8, 2013



I have a problem with "grand" - despite it being correct, how can I tell if someone said this sentence to me, whether they mean "tall", "big", or "great"?



This helped me with that question. There are quite a few adjectives in french for which position is important for their meaning.


That's real helpful thanks.


The link to french.about.com is helpful, but in this case, I think it's also a matter of idiomatic usage. I suppose the closest translation to "mes grands amis" would be "my good friends." If I said "These are my good friends" in English, you would understand that I am not referring to the friends' ethical qualities or to their friendship skills (the way that "a good soccer player" is skilled at playing soccer), but to the fact that I am particularly close to them. Likewise, in French, "mes grands amis" is normally understood to refer to how close I feel to the friends, not to their height, size, or greatness.


i chose ils sont as an option and it said it was wrong, why is this?


This is a rule you will have to apply VERY often on Duolingo.

In French, "c'est" (sing.) and "ce sont" (plural) are used in a large variety of expressions, when a pronoun (it, she, he, they) is subject of verb "être" and followed by a nominal group, ie: article (+ adjective) + noun.

  • it is + noun => c'est + article + noun
  • she is + noun => c'est + article + noun
  • he is + noun => c'est + article + noun
  • they are + noun => ce sont + article + noun


they are great friends of mine - lost me a heart. I think it sounds more correct. If it's not the same; how would you say this in french?


I agree it's a better translation than DL's suggestion and should have been accepted. Report it if you have another chance.


"ce sont de grands amis à moi"


I still have a problem with 'ce' and 'ces'! Is is not necessary to use 'ces' for 'they' as 'ce' implies a single friemd?


"ces" is a demonstrative adjective : ces amis sont les miens (these friends are mine), plural of "ce", "cet", "cette". It agrees with the following noun:

  • ce chien - cet éléphant - cette chienne - ces animaux

"ce" is a pronoun: "c'est" (elision/apostrophe in front of a word starting with a vowel) or "ce sont". It is the subject of verb "être".


as I could hear a definite 'd' in 'grand', I thought the following should a better option: ce sont mes grandes amies


the D is not heard in "grands", what you can hear is GRAN_Z_AMI - which makes it masculine plural.


May i say "Vous êtest mes grands aims" ?


What language is that?

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