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  5. "Οι δικοί μας άντρες."

"Οι δικοί μας άντρες."

Translation:Our own men.

October 11, 2016



δικοί: owned object is masculine plural


Is it the same as δικές?


δικές should be feminine plural

[deactivated user]

    Isn't it much simpler to say "Οι άντρες μας"?


    not greek speaker but as i understand that only means "our men" when οι δικοσ μασ ανδρεσ is saying "our OWN men"


    Why is Our men incorrect?

    [deactivated user]

      Our men would be Οι άνδρες μας, I believe. Οι δικοί μας άνδρες gives emphasis on the fact that the men are ours.


      The Greek verbiage is not showing on the screen.


      Both men and husbands should be correct. Be consistent.


      You typed "out" instead of "our".


      Soooo..... correct me if im wrong but Οι άντρες μας just means our men and doesn't lay any emphasis. But οι δικοί μας άντρες means our OWN men and lays an emphasis that the men are theirs?

      Sorry just a little bamboozled by all these new words. :)


      "οι άντρες μας" means either "our men" or "our husbands" depending on the context. As for so many new words, first of all, each lesson only has one new word and secondly, you'll get lots of chances to practice so you'll get used to them.

      I think one of the reasons you're finding the words a problem is that you have been completing all the skills before going on to the next one. What those of us who have done many lessons on Duo have discovered is that if you do only part of a skill then go on to another one and go back to the first one you'll find it easier to learn the words.

      So, for example, I see you have finished five skills and are about half the "Possessive Skill". Well, you should leave Possessive and go on to "Clothes". Do a little of "Clothes" and go back to "Possessive". You'll find it much more relaxing and you'll remember the words better. Give it a try.


      Why isn't οι δικές μας άντρες?


      Because δικές is more feminine nouns, in plural. Άντρες is masculine plural. ^.^


      Why ours men is incorrect?


      Because that's not correct in English. Our is the correct form. Ours is always placed at the very end of the sentence, and it has the meaning of our own.


      Why isn't "the men are ours" correct?

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      You've included the verb to be / είμαι, which is nowhere to be found in the original sentence. ;) And you've created a whole other structure, not a translation of what is shown.

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