"A tanár idenéz, de nem jön ide."

Translation:The teacher is looking over here but isn't coming over here.

October 11, 2016

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This English is awkward. I think it means "The teacher looks over here, but doesn't come over here." I reported it.


Fix n't please.Thanks.


This exercize seems in direct opposition the the one where it was something like "nem ideugrik, de ideúszik," and it was explained in order to maintain symmetry between the verbs, they were not split between the prefix and the verb. However, here they're split. I'm confused.


I think your example should have read "nem ideugrik, hanem ideúszik". You're making a direct replacement of the verbs, offering an alternative with the nem-hanem construction: it doesn't jump here, but swims here.
Here you just state two facts: He looks here. He doesn't come here.

It also might help that you see where you place the "nem": if it's in the first clause, you can still offer an alternative verb; if it appears in the last clause, it's a simple negation.

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