"The criminal's trousers are spotted."

Translation:A bűnöző nadrágja foltos.

October 11, 2016

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Okay, I'm kind of confused about this 3rd person singular possessive ending. I thought that you added -a/-e if the noun ended in a consonant, and -ja/-je if it ended in a vowel. But I seem to be getting this wrong left and right. Is there an actual rule as to when you use each, or does it really just need to be memorized?


There are some rules of thumb for the 3rd person possessive ending for words that end in a consonant but in general you just have to memorize whether they take the j or not.

Maybe the most useful rule is that words that end in h, j, gy, ly, ny, ty, c, cs, sz, z, zs never take the j form (no j after h, j, palatalized consonants, or sibilants).

Some words like virág can be seen in both versions.


And let's not lose sight of the big picture here: You now know how to say "The criminal's trousers are spotted." (!)

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