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"Cừu cho chúng tôi thịt sữa."

Translation:Sheep give us meat and milk.

October 12, 2016



No, we take it. There’s a huge difference.


Philisopically...yes, linguistically, not so much.


why is it sheep give and not sheep gives? seem wrong.


The plural form of sheep is sheep. So "Sheep give" is correct. It's the same as "They give".


Along this line...what do you think is or should be correct for the new "they/them" pronoun useage for the singular? Since it is replacing what would normally be he/him or she/her, shouldn't it then be correct to say, for instance, "they gives" to identify it as singular? This is something that has yet to be identified in English grammar, as it is so new. When one is writing a report with both "they" as singular and "they" as plural, it can be terribly confusing! Especially when in the same SENTENCE. (To both read and write) This has been happening to me frequently at work, as we have a client who identifies as "they/them."


If it said "the sheep" then it would be gives


Ive never drank sheep milk before. Common in Vietnam?


No definitely not, only cow milk and soy milk are common here, sometimes you can find drinkable yogurt like in China but for the most part Vietnam is like Americas California

Especially after all the tourists came in the 90's to destroy the country


It is common in the Middle East. I have never drunk it before either, but it IS a thing. :-)


While this sentence is totally correct in English, we would normally say, "Sheep give us both meat and milk." I'm wondering if it would also be normally said like that in Vietnamese?


Learning the vocabulary here is probably the important thing....we can learn the real language use elswhere....I am sure!

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