"A színésznő átül abba az autóba."

Translation:The actress moves over to sit in that car.

October 12, 2016



What is this supposed to mean? "to sit over into something" I understand neither the Hungarian nor the English sentence.

October 12, 2016


"Át-" usually indicates a movement between two similar positions. Here, from sitting in one car to sitting in another car.

October 12, 2016


English: "The actress moves over and sits in that car." "moves over to sit in that car"

November 24, 2016


I changed the solution from The actress sits over into that car.

to "The actress moves over to sit in that car"

March 9, 2019


The translations seriously have to get more relaxed. I'm sick of spending nearly 20 minutes on a small section

December 14, 2016


ül = sits

átül = moves over to sit somewhere else

ültet = make someone sit somewhere. Or: to plant

átültet: makes someone move and sit somewhere else. Or: transplant (replant a plant from one pot to another. / transplant an organ)

átültetés = transplantation

szíváltültetés = heart transplanation

A teacher can say when students don't behave: Maradjatok csendben vagy szétültetlek! Be quiet or I make you sit somewhere away from each other.

March 9, 2019


There are quite a few instances in the revision exercise of this module where perfectly sensible translations are not "the correct solution" or there is a problem with using British as opposed to American English. I am reporting them, in the hope that there will be some improvement.

March 26, 2017


This too could utilize the act of moving over to ...x... so, for non-native English-speaking folk, "The actress moves into that car (some small distance away) and sits. (we would not repeat ...sits into that car.)

April 12, 2017


"The actress is sitting over into that car." - this conjugation is not possible

June 18, 2018


This translation makes no sense!

August 9, 2018


I totally agree, i am english and would never say sits over- not, definitely not English. Very bad grammar

January 20, 2019


I thought it meant "the actress sits over in that car", as in "she is sitting in the car over there" but that might just be the southern grammer coming out in me - Im not actually sure if that's acceptable English outside the SE USA.

April 10, 2019
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