"Két író ír az asztal mellett."

Translation:Two writers are writing next to the table.

October 12, 2016

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Why is someone writing next to the table and not at the table?


At the table:Az asztalnál!


Én is szeretném tudni miért nem írjuk: "két író ír az asztalon" vagy "az asztalnál"


"Asztalon írni" sounds simply illogical. "Asztalnál" is what most people say i think but the traditional way of expressing this is somehow "mellett". It may also sound illogical but then explain me "to cut down trees"!


"Two writers are writing at the table" is accepted now. I suppose "at the table" should be reported wherever "az asztal mellett" turns up.


Nincs elfogadva, jelentem.


És az ír író ír írul Írországban.


What is the difference between "ket" and "ketto"?


Only their length. It's only that when you say "one plus two" it's never "egy meg két" but "egy meg kettő". And also: if you say "(i want) both" , it's "mind(a)kettőt kérem", there's no such form as mindkétet or mindkétből (ablative) etc. But in attributive (?) function it can be "mind(a)két (ház/-at/-ból)" And when you say "mind(a)ketten" it's "both of us/you (pl.)/them", but only if it's the subject of the sentence. (We/You/They both hate this= Mindketten utál-juk/játok/ják ezt) If not it's "mind(a)/kettőnk-suffix/kettőtök-suffix/kettőjük-suffix". So there is no forms like "mind(a)két-ünk/-etek/-jük" either. Nor "két/-et/-ből". "Két" only appers when it's a number-attribute (for example "két összeillő ember"= two matching people) or when counting (egy, két, há'...) so there is no "két van" for "it's two (o'clock)" but only "kettő van". Neither "kétem van" only "kettőm van" meaning "I have two". In any other case they can undisturbedly be used alternately. And of course Hungarians tend to say "két" in the spirit of economy. It's just less time. One more thing: There are two of them = Ketten vannak.


why is not "két írók írnak az asztal mellett"?


Because numerals are never used with plural forms in Hungarian.


Why not "next to the table"??


It should be correct, you can report it.


"Next to the table" to me means that those two poor writers are hunched back sitting on the floor next to a lonely table. The correct way of expressing that you write sitting "at the table" -- forget "next to"


Bizony, a magyarban nem az asztal mellett írnak, hanem az asztalnál.


Ja, vegre masoknak is feltunt ez a nyilvanvalo hiba. Nem az elso...


Az igaz, de nekem az on variacioja tetszett a legjobban. Kapott egy Lingot-ot


Köszönöm a lingotot, de a moderátor, egy bizonyos Pigui3 szerint el kell fogadni a jó választ is. Szerintem nem tud magyarul.


I'm not a moderator, or more relevantly perhaps, a contributor. I would have based my statement above on the fact the translation I mentioned was accepted when I used it, not that I myself had added it to the system or some such.


Excuse me, I thought you were the Moderator. You wrote to report, if it has not changed. That was, what I did. Az asztalnál is not accepted, only the bad aszal mellet. I ask once more your excuse. But do you speak Hungarian? If yes, please read the whole page. Let us do together something to get better Doulingo.


I would rather say: két író ír az asztalnál

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