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  5. "Πόσο είναι το σύνολο;"

"Πόσο είναι το σύνολο;"

Translation:How much is the total?

October 12, 2016



Is there a difference between how one would use σύνολο, ποσό, and άθροισμα?


This is what I could find:

ποσό seems to be mainly used in financial concerns, f.e. μερικό ποσό 'partial amount', ποσό διαφοράς 'difference/remaining amount', ολικό/συνολικό ποσό 'entire amount/global sum', υπόλοιπο ποσό 'balance/remaining sum'

άθροισμα seems to be limited to 'sum/total (of a list of numbers)' in mathematics (like αλγεβρικό άθροισμα 'algebraic sum')

σύνολο seems to bear the most diverse meanings, from mathematical topics (γενικό σύνολο 'total/ sum total', πεπερασμένο σύνολο 'finite amount'), over grammar (ονοματικό σύνολο 'noun set'), to everyday occurences (φόραγε ένα πολύ ωραίο σύνολο 'he's wearing a very nice ensemble/costume').

I hope this helped you and I also hope that a native-speaker can add information (confirm/disprove my claims).


What's the difference between σύνολο and άθροισμα?


Yes. Are they synonyms please?


'what is the total' no?

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Yes, sorry we had "How much is the total?" but not "What...?" I've added it. thank you for the heads up.

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