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"The red house has no windows."

Translation:Das rote Haus hat keine Fenster.

February 8, 2013



It is plural. So, das Fenster becomes die Fenster. The case you choose depends on the verb used in the sentence. It takes a long time to learn...


Why is it "rote," instead of "rotes," since "Haus" is neuter?


How do you tell the cases apart just from looking at the sentence itself? I have done and redone the lessons on the cases and it still escapes me.


Nominative is used for the being who performs the action. Accusative has relation to the direct object. i.e: I have a laptop (the laptop is the direct object in the sentence... it is "what" you have.). Dative is used with the being on what the action is performed. i.e. I told her (her is "whom" you told). And genitive shows the owner of something i.e. Jacks car (the car belongs to Jack). That's basically it but you should study each case deeper anyways.


why not is isn't "das rote Haus hat kein Fenster" the window is "das fenster" shouldnt be it "kein"?


I believe because it's windows, so it would be plural.


Why can't it be "Das rote Haus hat keinen Fenster", treating Fenster as a plural? That's what I put, and it marked it wrong


Fenster is Neutrum. The form einen/keinen is found in akkusative just for masculin nous {also in dativ for plural nouns }

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