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Classroom message board

Does a message board/forum specifically designated to the classroom already exist? I am using Duolingo as an extra resource for my adult students and I think it would be a great addition to have a place where we can chat together through Duolingo about the assignments without having to post the messages on a public forum. I feel that my students could motivate each other and compete.

October 12, 2016



Hi LouBanyard,

As suggested by jolynnedougherty , could you relocate this discussion in the “Educators" forum? You'll be more likely to have useful answers there (and it belongs there ;) ). Thx!
To relocate it (\/!\ please, don’t create a new one \/!\), edit your original post then select said forum in the drop-down menu on top-left of the edition area (see here for details).

Have a look to this short guide to help you knowing where to post your (future) discussions on Duolingo’s forums.

As mentioned by jolynnedougherty, there exist a message board/forum specifically designated to (ask questions about or make suggestions for) Classrooms/Duo Schools.

But a Duo classrooms currently does not include a "private" forum for the students and the educator to exchange: it has to be done outside of Duolingo for the moment, Duo forums aren't meant for private discussions.


Thanks, I'll put this on the correct forum


I am unsure, but if you click on the edit button, you can edit the topic and move this discussion to the Educator's forum where there might be someone there who would know the answer or could at least lead you in the right direction. Bonne chance !


Not yet, but stay tuned because we are looking into ways to allow better communications. =]


I totally agree with Lou's question. The thing I visualize is similar to Facebook groups, in which the teacher controls and approves entries or submissions. The group could be students in all my classes. This would be easier than sending email messages to the whole class


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