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  5. "Where is the woman?"

"Where is the woman?"

Translation:Hol van a nő?

October 12, 2016



so what about :" Hol a nő van?"


It would probably change the emphasis, given that the focus of a Hungarian sentence usually stands directly before of the verb.

In Hol van a nő?, the emphasis is on Hol (where) as it stands directly before the verb. In Hol a nő van?, the emphasis would be on nő (woman), which would result in The woman, where is she?


You are right about emphasis things, but Hol a nő van? is definitely incorrect.

In questions with a question word (hol?) the question word grabs the focus and don't give it up for any other part of the sentence...


Why is this incorrect: "Hol van a nő?" = " Where is the woman?"


It is correct. You can see above that your translation is exactly what is suggested.


I would have put the accent but there is not an option for me to put that one over the O.

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