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How does the assignment timing work?

I have students who do more than their assigned 50 XP per week, but are disappointed because the points aren't counting toward the next week's assignment because I haven't created the assignment yet. I thought I would solve this by creating multiple assignment due dates, but I can't see a way to create a window of dates (like it starts here and ends here). It only has a due date. So If I create multiple assignments on the same day, will those extra points my students accrue automatically be put into the next assignment window?

October 12, 2016



From what other people have said in this forum, no, their XP will go to the most recently created assignment. The way XP assignments work at the moment, it's best only to have one in your classroom at once.

When I run into this sort of thing (when I'm teaching a different subject), I talk to them about longer term aims - "you've done your homework, and achieved your short term aim of keeping me happy. The more work you do, though, the better you'll do on your end of unit test / exam / etc".


Can you override from the control panel? I am not a teacher and haven't seen what it includes just heard it mentioned in passing.

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