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  5. "Deixe os livros aí."

"Deixe os livros aí."

Translation:Leave the books there.

February 13, 2014



Aaaaahhhhh......Your language actually has a separate conjugation for the imperative!!!!!

When will the madness end?????



If you're trying to communicate with Brazilians, don't mind that. Most people would avoid using the imperative just because it may sound rude.

People could then say instead, "Deixa os livros aí". In informal set ups, this may come in handy for you.


Are you saying that "deixe" is the imperative form but "deixa" is not? I thought that "deixa" is the imperative form of the voce conjugation and "deixe" is the imperative form of the tu conjugation? I am sooo confused by the imperative mood.....


Yes, deixe and deixa are both imperative mood.


"ai" is commonly translated as "over there" and it is in the hint as well.


Very bad audio track on this sentance.

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It's a very nice audio here.... :)


Usually on the "discussion" view site the audio is excellent. But during the tasks most audios are poor. Unfortunately, to see what we mean, you should go to the lesson tree.


For "tu" we could have "deixa" here. Unfortunately, in the "Words" section conjugation is incorrect for most verbs for "Imperativo" , including "deixar". For all gramatical persons we have "deixe" : https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Portuguese/deixar-Verb/9f4ef7a0c45bbe09cf7d26fd747f8b18

There is no way to report conjugation errors. Maybe you know some?

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