"A medvének a bocsa a vízben vár; jönnek a halak."

Translation:The bear's cub is waiting in the water; the fish are coming.

October 12, 2016

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I will definitely not remember any of these offspring terms for various animals, and I'm OK with that.


I second you on that one!


kölyök vs. bocs?


For bears, the term is "bocs". "Medvebocs". Cats, dogs and the like have "kölyök". In the possessed form: "kölyke".
Other animals have various offspring, too many to list.


The hover hint though gives kölyök!


i really dont understand that the plural form of fish is fish or fishes.


Generally the plural of fish is fish (five fish for example). The English sentence would sound better if it were "fish" instead of "fishes". The only time I would maybe use "fishes" is if I wanted to stress that there were different species of fish.


This was "type what you hear", and I wrote exactly what it says here on top. It was rejected, telling me that I missed a word. How can that be???? I am getting pretty frustrated with this course.


Ok, so I'm usually quite forgiving of óvónők, uncommon vocabulary and "absurd" sentences, but I have to admit I'd really prefer Duo to introduce more "useful" vocabulary than all those animal offspring names...

For example, here is a text I received today from my mobile operator here in Budapest:

Kedves Ügyfelünk! Tàjékoztatunk, hogy az EU szabàlyozàs szerinti àrfolyamkorrekciò miatt az ASZF 12.1.2. pontja alapjàn 2020.10.01-töl az EU-n belüli nemzetközi irànyù hivàsok és SMS-ek dija mòdosul. A hivàsok dija 76,80 Ft/percröl 81,02 Ft/percre, az SMS-ek dija pedig 24,25 Ft/db-ròl 25,58 Ft/db-ra vàltozik. Emiatt az elöfizetö felmondàsi joggal nem élhet. A mòdositott ASZF legkésöbb 2020.08.31-töl érhetö el honlapunkon: telenor.hu/aszf Üdvözlettel: Telenor

(Note that they seem to have a problem with accents; I didn't take the time to change all the ` to ´)

This is the kind of things I'd like to understand, and why I am here now on my 165 days streak... and yet that message remained a complete mystery to me until I dropped it in Google Translate. I can recognise some constructions and a few words, but the overall meaning is completely lost to me.

So my point here is that I really hope that the new Hungarian tree takes this into account. No problem with some flying óvónők now and then, but please also add such exceedingly useful words as díj, változik, nemzetközi, honlap, etc.!


... is in the water, waiting. Not sure why that's not acceptable as it's fine in English AND reflects the Hungarian sentence order.

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