"Nem itt fordul be a villamos, hanem ott."

Translation:The tram is not turning here, but there.

October 12, 2016

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Should this be "The tram doesn't turn around here, but there"? I'm not sure.


It does not turn around, only turns. For example, takes a left. The term "befordul" suggests that it turns into a smaller side street, or that it takes a turn after a long straight ride.

For "turns around", you can use "megfordul".


Then I think the right idiom is probably "turning off", although I'm not positive. I think that "turn in" in English would mainly make sense if there were an inward and outward direction, and one were contrasting between the two.


Yes. I think simply just "turn" would be the best. On a second thought, this "befordulni" term can be used in any normal turning situation.
"A következő lámpánál befordulunk balra." - "At the next (traffic) light we turn left."
Just that "completeness" sense is added by "be-", nothing more.


Agreed. Should be "turn" with no preposition.


This is the correct idiom. I have reported it.


If "be" is used, why is the correct translation "is turning here" and not "is turning into here"?


I wonder the same thing


I wrote: It is not here that the tram is turning in but there. It was marked wrong. I thought I was reflecting the focus of itt so why am I wrong?

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