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how fluid do you feel after successfully completing the Ukrainian language course?

i am at level six and at the part of the course about family and numbers and i am just curious how comfortable people who completed the course feel with Ukrainian. :)

October 12, 2016



I really enjoyed the course and Ukrainian is a very nice language. The team did a great job with it too. For me the real learning comes now with all the notes I've compiled and refresh, refresh, refresh skills. Then, like with Swedish i start checking out the native newspapers online, radio, tv, books etc.... ( youtube has some decent stuff also ). It is definitely a rewarding journey that doesn't end.


I would recommend radio for Ukrainian. They have some nice stations you can listen to online :)


Yes, also thank you for the UK GRAMMAR PORTAL has been a extremely valuable and much appreciated resource.


I liked it but I've looked at some other resources and from those it seems as if the Ukrainian Duolingo course needs a lot more


Hopefully in the future we will get to expand the tree


yeah I have already taken notes and utilized other resources and I really like it!, I also have friends that their native language is Ukrainian that's what brought me to doulingo to be able to communicate on a different level :)


I finished both the Russian and Ukrainian trees and I would absolutely recommend taking them in conjunction. For me they didn't blend together but rather helped to clarify one another.


Polish may also be of use here. Many similarities but also nuanced differences. Researches actually consider Ukrainian to be closer to Polish, than Russian. And Belarussian is the closest (I'd love to see it here sometime too).


I'm currently learning both Polish and Ukrainian together and, as it was the case with feussner1, my progress in one helps my understanding of the other. Even though there are some false cognates as "drużyna" I think that it is no big problem to study them both at the same time – maybe Russian can be added to this group, but I thought it was better for me not to take part in three language courses at the same time


In the case with the word "druzyna"-"дружина" Russian would obviously help you ;)

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