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Student completed all!

I have a student who has completed all levels I but want to continue using duolingo for rest of the class. The translation, as earlier suggested was not a good option. Anything else? Thanks! Appreciate it

October 13, 2016



Have you considered having them do the reverse tree - changing the setting to say je parle francais, je veux parle anglais?


Get them to keep the tree gold for a bit, to let Duolingo's spaced repetition algorithms help them revise the stuff they've learned.

A lot of people on these forums recommend Memrise for expanding your vocabulary.

They might want to use a language exchange Have a look at this post about how to find language exchange partners: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1444346. There are links to some useful websites on there. Don't miss DamedesLangues's comment, which has links to more sites.

It's also worth looking on the Multilingual learning resources page on the wiki.


Don't just assign skills. Also assign daily point targets. I see my students on a rotating A/B day schedule for 90 minutes. Each day I assign them 150 points of total work, of which no more should than 50 should be new. If a skill takes more than 5 lessons, I let them work on it for two consecutive days. But, if they finish the skill, I remind them to go back and work the practice lessons for the remainder of their points, thus allowing them to refresh their older skills.

Now, I do have students who just work Basics 1 15 times a day to just knock out the points, which is why I also regularly check them on Gold Checks, where they have to show their account at gold for every skill we've covered so far. This way they have to review their older materials at least a little bit.

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