"Many rich tourists are resting by this famous sea."

Translation:Ennél a híres tengernél sok gazdag turista pihen.

October 13, 2016

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This was one of those multiple-choice questions, where you can check off all the ones that are correct. I chose the correct one, but I also chose "Sok gazdak turista pihen ennél a híres tengereknél," which was rejected. Can someone tell my what's wrong with it? Is it actually incorrect (grammatically), or does reversing the order of the word groups make the sentence mean something else?


It is actually incorrect. I don't know if "gazdak" is just your typo but it should be "gazdag".
But the important problem is "tengereknél". Which is in the plural. And it is not matched by "ennél".
It should be either

"ennél ... tengernél"


"ezeknél ... tengereknél".

But the sentence here is in the singular, so it should be the first one.

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