"Onnan ugrik le a hülye férfi, ahol egy beteg tigris alszik."

Translation:The stupid man jumps down from the place where a sick tiger is sleeping.

October 13, 2016

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He would have been more stupid to stay there, though!


Where a sick tiger sleeps was rejected. Reported.


Why not make it simpler, Duo, '...from where a sick tiger is sleeping'? Reported.


The stupid man jumps down from there, where a sick tiger is sleeping. This was accepted but the Duo translation says "the place." In loose terms, "the place" is obviously correct but onnan means "from there." Hungarian is not an easy language for native English speakers but I do find it easier if words have as much consistency as possible. It becomes easier to follow the patterns.


Do not expect me to use word in english translation, which are not in the hungarian sentence.


I don't think it's necessary to say "from the place" in this sentence. It would be simpler to say "The stupid man is jumping down from where a sick tiger is sleeping." Adding "the place" makes the sentence sound more awkward.

Hungarian has some redundancy here that English doesn't have. Onnan means "from there," and is a placeholder for the second part of the sentence. ahol refers back to onnan. English doesn't require this placeholder. You can just say "the man is jumping down from where a tiger..."


Yes, this sentence is somewhat improbable.


It's grammar that is the objective, though. It has all of the components.
ahol is used because the tiger is sleeping (not not moving).
Onnan is the clue that a possible directional conjunction is appearing. From where
The detached preverb after the verb, after the Onnan.


If he were really stupid, wouldn't he jump down TO where the beast was..?

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