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Impossible for a student to log on to a French speaking classroom

Hello all, I created a classroom, in French, in order for students to learn English from French. I created a student. When the student logs on, two things happen: - either he logs on to school.duolingo.com and is proposed to become a teacher - or he logs on to the standard duolingo url, gets an interface in English rather than in French and is proposed to choose his/her initial language among the list of languages which can be learnt from English. No mention of English from French is visible.

In both cases the classroom is not visible.

What are we doing wrong? Thanks for your help! Bruno

P.S. The symptoms occur even though we are trying to use the link to the classroom given in the PDF.

October 13, 2016



The schools.duolingo.com web address is for the teachers' interface.

When your student logs onto the normal interface, they may need to switch to the course you want them to do. Get them to hold their mouse over the language flag at the top of the screen, and choose "add a new course", then change the field that's called "I speak..." to French. That way they'll be able to switch to the right course.


Thanks hughcparker! Following your explanations I managed to have this student start the right course and see which duties I assigned to him.

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