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"The woman walks and the man runs."

Translation:A mulher caminha e o homem corre.

February 8, 2013



anyone want to explain usage of Andar and Caminhar? when and why to user either or?


I would like to know this too. I used caminhar and got it right, but would have also used bandar just the same.


those words are synonymous... in most of the cases you can use one or another.... An specific case where you only use "caminhar" is when you're talking about walk as an physical exercise.


How come I got it wrong when I say, "A mulher anda eo homem é executado." And they say "eo" is wrong a put a space. So what, i did not spell it wrong????


They are very critical about their corrections.


In that case "runs" means "correr" and not "executar"


Sometimes I find man= homem and the other times I find that man= homen


it means homem... always. In portuguese there aren't words finishing in "n"


I've seen "andar" used for "walk". Do you think the program and/or native Brazilians, would accept it here?


i get it wrong every time it says i n and the h in caminha and when i compare its written right this thing is horrible because there is other ways to write it and its always very specific


The dictionary hints gave 'anda' as a valid answer for 'runs' but this was marked wrong. 'anda' should not have been in the list if it wasn't considered correct for the context. Reported.

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