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Names in Ukrainian

How are non-Slavic names (Jerry, Robert, Joan, etc.) declined in Ukrainian?

October 13, 2016


  1. Determine the Ukrainian spelling of the name (search the Internet or spell according to these rules).
    • Jerry - Джері, Robert - Роберт, Joan - Джоан (feminine)
  2. Check if the name is declined at all. The names that are not declined are determined according to the rules in Point 2.
    • Джері is not declined, because it ends in -і.
  3. If the name is declined, decline it according to the rules for Ukrainian and Slavic names (at this point you may find out that the name is not declined after all).

In a nutshell, determine the declension and the group based on the name's ending and lookup the corresponding declension endings in the table.

| Nominative | Роберт |
| Genitive | Роберта |
| Dative | Робертові (-у) |
| Accusative | Роберта |
| Instrumental | Робертом |
| Locative | Робертові |
| Vocative | Роберте |

P.S.: I could not find all those rules in English, but I hope you got the basic idea.


Thanks! That really helps.

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