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"Nhiều người Việt Nam chỉ thờ tổ tiên của họ."

Translation:Many Vietnamese people only worship their ancestry.

October 13, 2016



Vietnamese people = Vietnamese, no?


You worship "ancestors", not the idea of "ancestry".


Ancestors, not ancestry??


Right on, Janet, but don't expect Duo to admit error.


Thanks for the support. But don't they eventually go through these comments and try to improve the course?


I guess they read the comments but they are obstinately resistant to correction of their English even when multiple English speakers point out the problems. (This particular error has stood for at least five months after having been pointed out.) They need an English speaking editor with a working knowledge of linguistics.


In their defence, they are probably not paid to program for all allowable English translations. When their answers are correct I can accept having to accomodate them. When their English is simply wrong, however, it is galling to have to butcher the English to get out of the exercises.

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